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Let IMPASTIAMO guide you on a delicious culinary journey in the heart of Playa Vista

Welcome to IMPASTIAMO, Playa Vista's beloved haven for memorable and enjoyable cooking classes. Whether you're a well-versed chef or an aspiring cook, our engaging classes provide an array of options for all. Immerse yourself in the delight of cooking within a cozy and inviting setting, guided by our proficient culinary crew, who are just as enthusiastic about instructing as they are about delectable cuisine.

Situated in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, IMPASTIAMO is dedicated to delivering a wide range of immersive cooking classes that reflect the city's rich cultural tapestry. Whether you aspire to excel in crafting Italian pastas or honing your skills in the delicate art of French patisserie, join us in discovering the culinary treasures of global gastronomy.

Call us now at +1 (213) 722-5065.


Strategically situated near LAX airport, ensuring accessibility for out-of-town participants, our Playa Vista location is specifically tailored for accommodating large groups, boasting a maximum capacity of 60 individuals. IMPASTIAMO's Playa Vista venue offers ample parking choices, encompassing street parking and a dedicated on-site lot. With a sophisticated, contemporary design that enhances the overall atmosphere, the spacious room creates a welcoming and comfortable environment flooded with natural light, making it an ideal choice for sizable gatherings.

Call us now at +1 (213) 722-5065.


Conveniently located near LAX airport, making it easily accessible for out-of-town attendees, is designed for small groups, with a maximum capacity of 12 people.​ IMPASTIAMO's location offers plenty of parking options, including street parking and an on-site lot. Boasting a contemporary, modern aesthetic that elevates the ambiance, the room provides a comfortable and cozy setting with an abundance of natural light.

Call us now at +1 (213) 722-5065.




Ideally located close to LAX airport, with plenty of parking space.

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Possibility to choose between the large or the small kitchen.



Modern and elegant decor for a welcoming atmosphere.

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