Frequently asked questions

Do you accept all genres of music?

Absolutely! we work with all kinds of music and so does our tastemakers.

What do I do after I started my campaign?

Nothing 🙌🏽
Our team will take care of everything and update you with any new feature / placement via e-mail.

Do you guarantee any features / placements?

We first and foremost care about authenticity. This means our tastemakers add only music they love and we never push them to do otherwise.

What if my song doesn't get featured?

If your song gets no features during the campaign you’ll recieve a 50% refund. Learn more about our refund policy here.

What does "Minimum Potential reach" mean?

Potential reach estimates how many people are in a tastemakers' target audience through his social networks & social streaming accounts.
Minimum potential reach is the minimum total audience size of the matched tastemakers through a single campaign.

Who are the MySphera tastemakers?

Our tastemakers roster includes; Bloggers, djs, playlist curators, personal brands and music opinion leaders.

It has been two weeks since my campaign started and I still haven't got a feature?

Our Tastemakers often take time to interact with the track, so it takes some time from the moment of the match until they decide if to feature a track. More so, MySphera campaigns tend to start yielding features after 10-14 days.

Do you guarantee a specific number of streams on each feature?

We do not have control on the number of streams each feature generates.
Although streaming platforms do not give access to listening data we use different tools and musicians feedback to measure the impact of each tastemakers' feature.