Frequently asked questions

What is Impastiamo?

Impastiamo is an opportunity for people to learn a cooking recipe and cook with a local chef in real time, from their homes.

Why should I pay to learn a recipe when I can just YouTube it?

Cooking classes on Impastiamo are super interactive! You'll get to share your screen and show chef your cooking in real time, ask any questions. A moderator will be reading your questions out loud and help you through the process. We're hoping chefs tips will also eliminate the chance for you to give up on your cooking and waste any food!

How is this supporting local chefs?

When you purchase a class, 100% of the class revenue goes to the chef hosting the class.

How does Impastiamo make money?

When you purchase a class, you will see an additional fee at check out, an Admin Fee, which is built on top of the ticket revenue. For example, if your class is $10, you will pay $10 (class fee) + $2.50 (Impastiamo Fee). The admin fee covers our website cost, domain, Zoom account, marketing and more.

I really want to learn how to cook, but I cannot afford to pay.

No worries, we totally get it. These are hard times for everyone and we don't want you to miss out on this. We have a referral program in development. Email silvia at madewithlovell.com and we will be in touch to figure out a way to help!

How do I get the ingredients in this crazy time?

We'll share ingredients needed a week out from the class. We will be including links on where to purchase ingredients, as well as we'll have cooking kits ready for you to pick up.

How about tools?

The ingredient list will also come with a tool list, so that you'll be 100% ready to cook with chef!

How do I book a class?

Visit our home page, select the class you're interested in and you'll be directed to our ticketing page.

I am a chef. How can I host a class?

Great news! We are constantly looking for people to host a class. Click here to find out more.

We're interested in sponsoring this!

Well, we're a one woman shop for now. We're testing this out hoping it could grow into something wonderful. We'd love your support. Email us at silvia at madewithlovell.com

Can I rewatch the class once it's over?

This is in the works. We're figuring out how to have a recording of the class available for a period of time.

I want to suggest a recipe.

Awesome! Email us and let us know what dish you're looking forward to preparing, so that we can find the best chef to host the class.