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Impastiamo is an opportunity for chefs and cooking aficionados to host a cooking class and earn some money.

How does it work? 

We provide the platform to host the class, build the ticket link, manage customer relations, host the class with you, and support with marketing. 

You (chef) will pick the price of your class, share what ingredients and tools your attendees will need to participate and follow the class.

Why should I do this? 

If you're looking to engage with people, love cooking, want to have a fun experience, get marketing exposure and earn some money while doing it. 

How is this different than any other online cooking class? 

Impastiamo's main feature is how interactive the class is. Guests get to share their cooking live with the chef and ask questions via chat. A host moderates questions and helps the chef with comments coming in.

People will literally be cooking with the chef but from their home so that there will not be too many chefs in the kitchen!

How do I earn money? 

Chefs will keep 100% of the ticket revenue. We'll decide the price point together, based on several factors including your experience and the duration of the class. 

How does Impastiamo earn money? 

Ticket buyers will see an additional fee at check out, an Admin Fee, which is built on top of the ticket revenue. 

For example, if your class is $10 per person, an attendee will pay $10 (class fee) + $2.50 (Impastiamo Fee). 

The admin fee covers our website cost, domain, Zoom account, marketing and more. 

I am not interested in making money. I want to donate proceeds to charity. 

That's wonderful! We love helping people, that's why we built Impastiamo. If you decide to donate to charity, we will donate our fee too! We will take care of the donation and send you proof of donation. 

Ok, I am ready to host a class. What are the next steps? 

If you're a chef interested in hosting a class, you will need a laptop and a camera, a kitchen space set up with enough light, ingredients, and be ready to engage with your attendees. Click the button below and fill out the form. We'll be in touch shortly!

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