Learn how to make Baja Style Fish Tacos with Chef Alma Fernanda Regalado. 


Ingredients​ needed:

●  1.5 lbs mahi mahi (shrimp can be used as a substitute)

●  2 cups all purpose flour

●  2 teaspoons salt

●  1 teaspoon pepper

●  1 teaspoon baking powder

●  1 teaspoon baking soda

●  1 teaspoon paprika

●  1 tablespoon mustard

●  12oz beer of choice (light beer recommended)

●  4 cups vegetable oil

●  1/2 piece purple cabbage

●  1/3 cup cilantro

●  2 fresh jalapeño peppers

●  2 limes

●  1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar

●  2 tablespoons olive oil

●  1 teaspoon dried oregano

●  1 tomato

●  1/4 piece white onion

●  1 cup sour cream


Equipment Needed:

●  4 bowls

●  whisk or fork

●  pan

●  knife

●  cutting board

●  spoons

●  serving plate

●  slotted spoon


Alma was born in San Diego and raised on both sides of the border. Her interest in cooking began when she was a little girl. Always experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new ingredients. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a Bachelor in Business Gastronomy and worked in several restaurants including a two-michellin star restaurant in Madrid. Chef Alma Fernanda offers an all around food service. She currently mainly focuses on cooking workshops where she teaches her favorite recipes mainly inspired by travels and her experience being raised in the Mexico-US border. Her main goal is sharing her passion for food and helping people realize cooking is meant to be fun and not scary. She shares food that comes from the heart.

Baja Fish Tacos with Chef Alma Fernanda