Join Chef Fabio Vota as he shows us how to prepare a great branzino al cartoccio and burrata and tomatoes crostini. 
Chef Fabio Vota was born and raised in Salerno, Italy near the Amalfi coast. He has been a chef since he was 14 years old. He cooked for the Italian national soccer team in 2006 when they won the World Cup. Since moving to LOS ANGELES he has been chef to the stars; Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Secrest, ANDREA bocelli, and is the private chef of Guess jeans founder Paul Marciano.


Branzino al cartoccio (or sea bass or halibut if you can’t find branzino) SKIN OFF
  • 1 branzino fillet for each person
  • You can use whatever vegetables you have in your fridge or whatever your favorites are. 
  • Fabio will be using a small head of broccoli, a small head of cauliflower, 2 carrots, a handful of fresh black olives pitted and capers, one handfu of fresh green beans, one pack of fresh thyme, and cherry tomatoes. Not necessary to go buy all these things. This is an easy and quick recipe to use what you have. 
Burrata and tomato crostini
  • Burrata bel gioioso is the most common and it’s good or whatever you can find in your store. 
  • 1 pack of Cherry tomatoes (nature sweet cherubs are my favorite. The ones in a beehive looking container w the yellow bottom and sticker on top)
  • Onbe Garlic 
  • One pack of fresh Basil 
  • One Baguette 
  • You will need a knife and cutting board. A sheet pan, aluminum foil to make the foil packets. A pan with boiling water to blanch the veggies. Fine mesh strainer

Branzino al Cartoccio with Chef Fabio Vota