We're excited to introduce a sushi class at Impastiamo with one of the most successful sushi chefs in Los Angeles: Taka Maezaki. Here are the ingredients needed for this recipe:


Ingredients for 8-9 rolls, party of 4

Please note: be ready to have extra rice


***For Sushi Rice

  • Uncooked rice 3 Cup (regular medium or short grain, No Brown Rice)

  • Water 3 Cup

  • For sushi seasonings

  • Rice wine vinegar - 1/2 Cup

  • Salt - 1 table spoon

  • Sugar - 4 table spoon


***For Spicy Mayo

  • Mayo - 2 table spoon

  • Sriracha - 1.5 Table spoon

  • Sesame oil - 1 table spoon

  • Shichimi(Nanami) Togarashi - 1/2 Table spoon


***For ponzu Sauce

  • soy sauce - 1 table spoon

  • Rice wine vinegar - 1 table spoon

  • Lemon juice 1/2 table spoon


**For California Roll

  • Imitation Crab x 4 legs (2.4oz)

  • Avocado large x 1

  • Cucumber( mini cucumber) x 1/2

  • Plus * Soy Sauce for your dining

  • Roasted Seaweed Half Cut


Tools Needed:

  • Knife

  • Cutting board

  • Kitchen rag

  • Small bowl for finger water

  • Sushi mat

  • Small spoons for sauce

  • Plastic wrap


About Chef Taka Maezaki

Chef Taka Maezaki was born and raised in the iconic bustling streets of Tokyo Japan. Japan taught him both popular authentic and traditional styles of Japanese cuisine. In 2006 his career led him to the US where he completed training and continues to master the art in traditional and fusion styles Sushi. His contemporary fusion style has definitely earned a reputation for popularity amongst the many different backgrounds the melting pot of Los Angeles has to offer. Currently Chef Taka shares his craft with others teaching cooking classes and providing a private chef experience on the West Coast. He can also be spotted behind the table at the newest boutique Sushi house Umeda restaurant on Melrose. No hiding behind a glass showcase here, Chef Taka’s knife skills are upfront and personal as you watch him slice each incredible bite. With over 10 years behind him, Chef Taka provides a new experience where traditional Japanese food is infused with fun and all “Handrolled” into one!

California Roll with Chef Taka Maezaki


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