Join Chef Frances Tariga as she teaches us how to make Vegan Dumplings. 


Ingredients needed:

●  2 Cups of Corn or cauliflower

●  1/2 Cup Cabbage

●  1/2 Cup Carrots

●  1/2 Cup Shallots

●  2 tsp Garlic

●  1 Cup Water Chestnuts

●  1/2 Cup Chives

●  1 Cup Flour

●  2 tsp Sesame Oil

●  Dumpling Wrapper


Tools Needed:

●  Chopping board

●  Pan

●  Knife

●  Steamer or colander and casserole


Born and raised in the Philippines and trained in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, cooking is not just a job for Frances, it’s her passion and career. She loves pork, as it was a staple of her diet growing up in the Philippines, and uses every part of the animal in her cooking. She has traveled the world working for several royal families and speaks six languages – English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Tagalog and Urdu. If she were a food, she says, "I would be a jackfruit as it looks intimidating but once you eat it, you will say, 'I had no idea it's sweet and tastes amazing!'"

Vegan Dumplings with Chef Frances Tariga