we're turning 2!


It's been a wild two years, and we're so amazed and grateful for all we've been able to accomplish since we started. To celebrate, we're hosting a month-long raffle in partnership with all our friends and partners. New prizes added every week, winners announced at the end of the month.

By participating in our raffle, you'll help us grow our business and keep doing what we're doing.


Our Story

Founded in the spring of 2020 by Silvia Carluccio, formerly at Live Nation Entertainment,

we set out to pair our love of food with our love of music–a consistent theme in all of our cooking class experiences. 

Our love affair with food drives us to promote sustainability, diversity and culture in our communities–starting in the kitchen. Our goal is to share our passion for cooking with you and to inspire our community to combat food waste. Together, we can make a difference.