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Juneteenth Red Punch and Potato Salad

By Chef Chakayla Taylor

Super Hero Minestrone

As seen on "The Orange Banana" Issue One. The first Recipes ZINE for the Farmers Market 🧡🍌

Chicken Arepas

By Chef Mercedes Rojas

Garlic Meatballs

Needless to say, meatballs are the comfort food of our childhood. Juicy and a little garlicky, they’re perfect with tomato sauce and pasta; or plain, served with chips and homemade mayonnaise. Nonna Rosa used to make her special garlic meatballs with three secret ingredients: freshly chopped parsley from her garden, whole wheat bread crumbs, and white pepper.

Tortelloni Ricotta e Spinaci

by Chef Francesco Allegro

Shu Mei

By Chef Katie Chin

Revival Meatballs

As seen on "The Orange Banana" Issue Two. The first Recipes ZINE for the Farmers Market 🧡🍌

Talisa's Special Guacamole

Chimichurri Sauce

This recipe was made by our friend and chef Franco Nesossi, he’s the owner of Pachamama Experience, a cozy kitchen located in the heart of Buenos Aires, where tourists and food lovers can experience the real essence of Argentinian cuisine.

Lunar New Year Potstickers

By Chef Katie Chin

German Pretzel

Pretzels, Beer Steins & German Beer have become iconic symbols of a good German celebration or party. But did you know that the first recipe come from Italy? A common story for the origin of pretzels is that they were created by a monk around 610 in Italy. According to one source, the monk would bake dough strips which he would then fold into a shape that resembled a child crossing his arms in prayer “pretiola” (“little rewards”).

Mexican Salsas

By Chef Natalia Luna


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