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Cooking Classes in Los Angeles, CA


Let IMPASTIAMO guide you on a delicious journey through the world of cooking—right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Welcome to IMPASTIAMO, LA's favorite destination for unforgettable, fun-filled cooking classes.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a budding cook, our immersive classes offer something for everyone. Experience the joy of cooking in a warm, welcoming environment, led by our expert culinary team who are as passionate about teaching as they are about food.

Located in vibrant Los Angeles, IMPASTIAMO takes pride in providing diverse, hands-on cooking classes that are as diverse as the city itself. From mastering Italian pastas to perfecting the art of French patisserie, uncover the secrets of world cuisines with us.

Call us now at +1 (213) 722-5065.




Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, this location is just three blocks away from the beach and it's super cozy. Fits up to 16 people.

Don't see what you like? We can work with you in finding custom locations or coming to your space!