Discover Sicily

Follow Sonia's adventures as she reconnects with her roots on mount Etna, Sicily, and rediscovers the traditions of her hometown

  • Macco di Fave (Fava Bean Purée)
    Sun, Nov 29
    1PM EST | 6PM UK | 7PM Rome Live from Italy
    Maccu, is a Sicilian soup and also a foodstuff that is prepared with dried and crushed fava beans and fennel as primary ingredients. Maccu is a peasant food and staple food that dates back to ancient history. The Roman people may have invented or introduced this recipe.
  • Wine Making with Sonia Gambino
    Sun, Nov 22
    Live from Etna, Sicily
    Sonia Gambino is a wine maker and master gardener who lives at the bottom of the Etna volcano, Sicily. She graduated from the University of Gastronomical Sciences in Bra, Italy, in 2013. During this class, we'll be sipping Sicilian wine and learning about the traditions of Sicilian wine making.
  • Spaghettoni with Sicilian Pistacchio Pesto
    Sun, Nov 15
    Live from Italy w/ Virginia Paracino
    Bronte, Sicily, is one of the most renown towns in Italy for its traditional production of pistachios. Pistachio trees are ancient plants that take decades before making fruits. Enjoy this vegan recipe as we make fresh pasta and creamy sauce.