Let us help you reconnect.

Private classes are available and fully customizable.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, father's day, or simply miss your friends, let us set up a private cooking class for you with any chef around the world. Referral program now available

Treat your work family
to a virtual culinary experience

Who says you can’t have fun and bond with your team while staying at home during quarantine? Treat your team to an interactive, hands on culinary experience from the comfort and safety of home. It’s a recipe for creating culture, community and collaboration virtually in the workplace. 


It's not just
a cooking class

Rediscover your family origins through the dish that was Grandma’s specialty. Throw a happy hour with your besties just because you miss them. Spice up the work week with your colleagues and enjoy a night discovering the tastes of Mexico. Let us help you reconnect with the people you miss the most.

Menu Ideas

Cavatelli with Pistacchio Pesto (1 hour)

Fresh handmade pasta with a hand made pistachio sauce. Vegan option.  Vegetarian - Taught live from Italy


Fish Tacos and Mexican Salsas (1.5 hours)

Vegan and vegetarian option -

Taught live from Mexico City


Vegetarian or Beef Empanadas  (2 hours)

Vegetarian - Taught live from Buenos Aires, Argentina


Ladyfingers Tiramisu (1 hour)

Vegetarian - Taught live from Milan, Italy


French Macaron (2 hours)

Vegetarian - Taught live from Paris, France


Margarita 3-ways (1 hour)

Taught live from Venice Beach, CA


Oaxaca Old Fashioned (1 hour)

Taught live from Venice Beach, CA


A Spritz and Spaghetti Bolognese (1.5 hours)

Taught live from Naples, Italy


A different spin
on cooking classes

Sustainability Focus: How to avoid food waste at home

This is a cooking class focused on tricks and tips on how to minimize carbon footprint through dietary and lifestyle choices.


Sustainability Focus: Grow your own food

During this class, we will rely on the expertise of a master gardener to give us simple solutions and ideas on how to grow your own veggies from food scraps such as celery, potatoes and more. 


Health Focus: How does food heal us?

Learn how to best utilize ingredients to heal and nourish your body, increase attention and support your creativity, During this class, we will be sharing two different dishes with an expert nutritionist who will teach us all about the properties of the foods we’re eating.


Cooking Techniques: An Introduction to Knife Sharpening

Want to sharpen your cooking skills? No puns intended, this class will allow you to learn how to properly sharpen your kitchen knife and care for it in the proper way. Stones are required to take this class.


Cooking Techniques: Dressings and Vinaigrettes Basics

Dressings and vinaigrettes are an underrated but a very important part of cooking. Whether you’re marinating foods or if you want to add a punch of flavor to your veggies, this class will give you the tools and knowledge to learn how to mix flavors and ingredients and create your own twist dressings and vinaigrettes. 

Ingredients Kits

We're able to create and deliver ingredients kits to your guests' homes, pretty much anywhere! And where we can't, our partners will. 

We make an effort to source local food, prioritizing small community coops and local farmers, and avoid shipping where we can. Where we absolutely cannot, we will offset our carbon footprint via UPS carbon neutral program. 

All our packaging is recyclable or reusable. Even our boxes can make a sweet container in the house!

We are far from perfect, but we sure are aware of the global climate emergency our planet is facing and make a proactive effort to have the least impact on the environment and operate locally. 

By supporting us, you’ll be giving an opportunity to those whose work has been affected by the pandemic. From the chef to the driver… and for that we thank you.


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