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Where to Eat in Umbria, Italy, According to Chef Nancy Silverton

Discover Umbria, Italy, through the eyes of Chef Nancy Silverton as she reveals her four favorite restaurants in the region.

When we made the decision to launch a food blog, picking places we wanted to write about was the biggest challenge. So, we decided instead to start from our close friends and food heroes, and let them tell us about their favorite restaurants and places.

When Nancy Silverton posted about how good it felt to be back in her (second) home in Umbria, it was a no brainer. For many years we've admired the work that Silverton does in Los Angeles and the inspiring force that she is for a lot of women.

So we sent her a note and she emailed us back right away, with her food recommendations for Umbria. "It is impossible to choose the favorites - says Silverton - but there are some by the wayside that are worth mentioning." A voi la scelta!

About Umbria, Italy

Umbria is a small region in central Italy. It is also called the "green heart" of the country, due to its location and climate, making it a green land full of parks and generous fields, offering unique food and wine products.

Black truffle is one of the most popular ingredients, which accompanies many first courses. Umbria is home to native red grape Sagrantino, as well as Sangiovese, Colorino and other indigenous Italian varieties. Umbria has long-established cultural traditions. The Italian language and the literature have been handed down for centuries by the work of the monks in monasteries, now renovated and converted into restaurants or hotels.

Here are Chef Nancy's favorite restaurants in Umbria, Italy:

Located between Lake Trasimeno's coast and road 599, there is a trattoria that has kept alive the traditions of Umbrian Cuisine over the years. In 1969 Faliero and Maria opened a small kiosk, which over time has become a fixed stop for lovers of good food and tourists.

The main dish, prepared according to the family's recipe, is Torta al testo, made with: water, flour, sausage, herb, ham and pecorino, and cooked on embers.

Area: Parco Regionale Lago Trasimeno


The Pub, restaurant and pizzeria is a rustic but welcoming place, the perfect location if you want to spend an informal evening with friends. Pellicano also offers a selection of draft beers; the ingredients used in the kitchen are typical of the region, which is why they are always fresh. The restaurant also has a large garden, perfect for when you are in Umbria during the summer.

Area: Parco Regionale Lago Trasimeno

La Rustica

To appreciate La Rustica you must first understand an essential piece of the Italian culture: the rosticcerie. Widespread throughout the country, the rotisseries offer traditional cuisine made in an artisanal way and ready to eat. At La Rustica you can order takeaway or dine in at the restaurant.

Area: Parco Regionale Lago Trasimeno

Lo Scoiattolo

Paciano is a small village with less than a thousand inhabitants, which has become part of the prestigious list "Borghi più belli d'Italia" (Italy's most beautiful villages). Inside there is a bakery run by Mrs. Lia, she bakes delicious bread made with organic flour and a variant of gluten-free bread for intolerant people.

Area: Paciano



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