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Take your online cooking class to the next level, with IMPASTIAMO

After 4 years of experience, 550 online cooking classes and counting, IMPASTIAMO’s expertise will make your next online cooking class an experience that you will never forget. We hire authentic chefs from all over the world specialized in their local and regional cuisine, we set up the zoom link and we connect you with a global community of experts, while you cook and learn from the comfort of your kitchen.

What we offer​


IMPASTIAMO offers customizable and flexible solutions for your private online cooking classes, whether it is for a team building experience, a virtual family gathering, a cooking class for friends and family or for couples.

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What to expect

  • Scouting of authentic and engaging chefs 

  • Menu and recipe design 

  • Creative of event invitation and save the date

  • Zoom set up

  • A moderator during the class

  • Ingredients kits sent to each participant's home (additional)

  • Average class duration 2.5 hours

  • ​We can accomodate all dietary restrictions

Misty Becker, Henkel

"From the booking process to the actual event - I would highly recommend this company for your team building event. Plan for 2 to 3 hours and lots of smiling faces."

Ingredients Kit with Low impact 


We're able to create and deliver ingredients kits to your guests' homes, pretty much anywhere! And where we can't, our partners will. We make an effort to source local food, prioritizing small community coops and local farmers, and avoid shipping where we can.


Where we absolutely cannot, we will offset our carbon footprint via UPS carbon neutral program. All our packaging is recyclable or reusable. Even our boxes can make a sweet container in the house!


We are far from perfect, but we sure are aware of the global climate emergency our planet is facing and make a proactive effort to have the least impact on the environment and operate locally. 

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Team Building & Private Classes

Private cooking classes and corporate team building experiences are fully customizable.

Ingredients kits available upon request.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, father's day, or simply miss your friends, let us set up a private cooking class with you with any chef around the world. 

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