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Discover France and its restaurants

Whether you decide to enjoy the Mediterranean sea or Paris, you can get advice from our guide

Why limit yourself to one destination? The European country, located in the heart of the continent, is renowned for its refined cuisine and a long tradition linked to wines. Each region has its own vines and its typical products; it is not a coincidence that France ranks first among the wine exporting countries in the United States. But in addition to a good glass of wine on the table, there is much more to discover.

This time we decided to talk about two destinations, we asked our Parisian friend Mara Lafontan to tell us more about her favourite places. Whether you decide to enjoy the sea and the Mediterranean heat, or to spend your days visiting Paris, you can get advice from our guide to choosing the restaurant.

Located in Marseille, the restaurant overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is the ideal destination to enjoy the sunset. The offer varies according to the seasons, but the main ingredient that never fails is obviously fish. The menu also follows all the Mediterranean influences, not only those of Marseilles but also Sicilian, Greek and Roman cuisine.

Area: Port des Goudes

The restaurant is located in Paris. It is a place to try for two reasons: for the experience, because the restaurant's terrace looks straight at the Eiffel Tower, and because it is located inside the city's modern art museum. Therefore, the dishes honor the place where they are found and have an artistic composition that recalls modern aesthetics. Here too, the seasonality of the products is enhanced.

Area: 16th Arrondissement, Musée d'Arte Moderne

The restaurant is the perfect place for lovers of vegetarian cuisine. If you are out on a tour of the city, then you should definitely stop by Creatures for lunch. The highlights are the colorful salads offered by chef Julien Sebbag, a mix of flavors capable of surprising even those who usually do not appreciate fruit and vegetables.

Area: 9th Arrondissement, Galeries Lafayette

If you stay at the Hotel Particulier in the Parisian artists' quarter then you are in luck, if you are just passing through you can stop for dinner in this magical and refined place. The menu has a limited choice, but offers international cuisine combined with French cuisine. If you want to enjoy a cocktail and tapas, you can visit Le Très Particulier, the back-door cocktail bar in the basement.

Area: 18th Arrondissement, Montmartre

A visit to this restaurant is recommended both for food and for meeting Chef Bruno Verjus, a wonderful human being. We, at IMPASTIAMO, were lucky enough to organize a lesson with him on the occasion of Earth Day 2021, to his elegant and at the same time artisanal cuisine, which has won the green Michelin star for sustainability.

Area: 11th Arrondissement



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