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Looking for a Private Chef? Read this First

Table set up for a provate dinner

Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to expand your palate on the daily, with a professional’s input. A private chef is the way to go!

But even after deciding that, you might have some questions–after all, it is a big decision. Keep on reading to find out a few factors to consider before continuing on your culinary journey.

The Basics

The first few aspects to consider might seem obvious: pricing, ratings, and availability. These you can easily look into with a quick glance at the website of the chef, or through a meeting where you can discuss these points. However, there are a multitude of more personal factors to consider before hiring the private chef of your choosing. Listed below are a few of these elements that will help you navigate this experience and take you one step closer to achieving the dish of your dreams, daily.


While it is important that you and the private chef can coordinate times in the first place, it is also important to consider the timing of when you would like to hire them. Would it be seasonal? Require a move into a different location? How many meals per day do you want them to chef up? At what times? The flexibility of the chef and also the flexibility in your schedule plays a large role in hiring a private chef. These questions and concerns are all great to discuss upon the initial decision.


Not only is compatibility with time and schedule important, but compatibility between the private chef and you and/or your family is highly important. Consider the fact that you will be spending lots of time with them, especially if you want to get deeper insight into how the dish was made and prepared. Meeting with the private chef several times before hiring can be a great way to gauge if that compatibility is there or not, and make a decision from there. This will create an easier transition after hiring for both parties, and is helpful in avoiding conflict in the future. 

IMPASTIAMO Team having fun with Chef Gino
IMPASTIAMO Team having fun with Chef Gino

In addition, consider the fact that they will be spending lots of time in your living spaces, particularly your kitchen. Getting to know them for their personality is not only important in terms of compatibility, but also important for building a relationship with them and learning how they operate. Then, if conflict ever does arise, you’re well-equipped to clearly communicate–and so are they.  


The experience of the private chef is one of the most important parts of considering the hiring process. Expertise is an important skill, but experience working as a private chef is valuable as well. Perhaps they worked on a specific schedule, or with a certain menu. Learning about their experience as a private chef can help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

A Catered Experience

Lastly, the great thing about having a private chef is the ability to personalize your dishes. Private chefs come from many different backgrounds and cultures, and so depending on the kind of culinary experience you’d like, you can make that decision for yourself. While the chef might have their own schedule of preparing meals, you can communicate if you’d like to learn more about the dishes that are being made. It’s your call!

And, of course, if you have any dietary restrictions, you no longer have to worry about asking if certain ingredients are in dishes. Once the private chef is made aware of your situation, they will undoubtedly be sure to take care of this. 

Here’s to finding the perfect chef for your kitchen–and to perfect dishes in your near future!


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