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Culinary Enlightenment: The Importance of Cooking Education

A cooking education involves learning and smiles

When people say "knowledge is power," how much of that phrase can be applied in the kitchen? Hint: all of it. Power to the chefs out there, and power to you--your cooking education journey starts today!

Another Form of Self-Care:

It's not joke when people say that cooking is a life-long skill and something that can be essential to everyday routine. Beyond this necessity, however, there are personal gains as well. Before even delving into the benefits of a cooking education, let’s take the pressure off the word “education.” At the very least, taking the initiative to learn how to cook is an important act in self-care, and can remind you to always take a few moments to yourself and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Formally learning the techniques to culinary skills? Just another plus.

A Hands-On Experience:

When most people think of the word “education,” their mind immediately gravitates toward dimly lit hallways and boring brick buildings. Maybe a pencil or two, coupled with exams and endless stress. A cooking education offers a rebuttal to the stereotypical classroom experience, offering a place where you are truly able to learn hands-on.

What’s more, you can find a direct connection from what you are learning and apply it quickly into your own life. A cooking education will only add to your life, expanding both your palate and your plate.

Choosing More Sustainably:

When it comes to learning more about how to cook and the ingredients that go into your culinary masterpieces, it turns out that you will inevitably be more conscious of the environment. Here at IMPASTIAMO, we emphasize sustainability–and a cooking education can be the perfect place to start becoming more aware of your effect on the planet. From the actual elements of a recipe to the very process of cooking, a culinary education informs you about the importance of sustainability: not only extending a helping hand to the environment but also leaving you feeling even more gratified when the table is set. A win-win!

Food As A Universal Language:

One thing that all humans need is food. While that specifically may vary between different cultures, backgrounds, and communities–food is often the way that people explore new places, greet new people, and express their love. This means that food is, in a way, a universal language. Becoming well-versed in this language means you have the opportunity to connect with more people, introduce them to yourself, and express your creativity.

A cooking education truly allows you to become fluent in food, opening you up to a whole new world and deepening your understanding of it. In other words, you are able to communicate in a way that is different from just speaking. Does this count as being multilingual?

Building Confidence:

One of the most valuable aspects of a cooking education is its ability to increase your autonomy and self-esteem. Learning about how to cook can help you discover traits and qualities about yourself, as well as expand your knowledge on your favorite dishes. Additionally, the independence and “flow state” that you can achieve while cooking can be immensely beneficial to your belief in your abilities. In other words, a cooking education can truly deepen your understanding of yourself, resulting in greater confidence in and out of the kitchen.

The Right Time Is Now:

Maybe it seems daunting to embark on this journey, with so many mistakes to make and so much to learn. However, it’s your lucky day: it is never too late to start! There is always something new to absorb, and a cooking education is for everybody. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge or are just starting out, curiosity and learning is for everyone–especially you.


Are you ready or interested in hosting your first Cooking Class? Book a call with us to receive more information and embark on a culinary experience.

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