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Introducing the Bowie Chef®: Combining premium materials with meticulous design, I created our flagship model to pay homage to an original American blade shape steeped in almost 200 years of history....the Bowie knife.

Combining American design and aesthetics with the beauty of pattern welded Damascus, the Bowie Chef® offers the best aspects of "western" style blade geometry as well as the precise 16º razor-sharp edge like that of the highest performing Japanese cutlery.

High-quality steel is the heart and soul of any knife. It's what defines the cutting quality, longevity, and edge retention. The Bowie Chef® is handcrafted with a VG-10 steel core encased in over 60 alternating forged stainless steel layers, creating a unique and beautiful layered effect known as Damascus. Precise cryogenic quenching with liquid nitrogen creates a profound impact on the steel's carbide structure, adding to its strength and hardness while imparting extremely high wear resistance. Offering extreme sharpness, excellent corrosion resistance, and durability, VG-10 is the "Gold Standard" for high-end chef knives.

Utilizing its big belly and edge geometry, our Bowie Chef® is an indispensable all-purpose chef's knife that is perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping, and rocking cuts. The clip point on this knife is purposeful and unique in that it facilitates higher rocking cuts due to the point being slightly higher than conventional chef knives, allowing a more fluid motion while chopping. The function of our deep belly blade is to effectively rock and chop food while keeping a nice distance between your knuckles and the cutting board.

A properly balanced knife will perform better and be more comfortable to wield over long periods of use. We meticulously designed the handle to be ergonomic and comfortable for all hand sizes while emphasizing superior grip and hand control. Due to the tapered bolster, a proper forward "pinch grip" is promoted, resulting in greater control of the knife. The handle material is constructed of black linen Micarta. This modern high-pressure laminate is extremely durable and grippy when wet and has a beautiful grain resembling wood.

  • Damascus Steel Version: Stainless Steel Clad Damascus w/ VG-10 Core
  • Non-Damascus Steel Version "San Mai": Stainless Steel Clad w/ VG-10 Core
  • Hardness: 61 HRC
  • Grind: Flat with Slight Convex Towards Cutting Edge
  • Blade Length: 8"
  • Blade Width at Heal: 2"
  • Blade Thickness: .080"
  • Handle Length: 4.75"
  • Weight: 7.75 oz
  • Manufacturing: Imported



    8" Bowie Chef®

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