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The Most Popular Italian Easter Desserts

Chock-full of festivals, processions, and traditions, Easter is one of the most widely acclaimed holidays in Italy. Falling on the last day of March this year, Easter marks the entrance of sunnier days and various rites. Read on to find out how to make some delicious Italian Easter desserts to complement the celebration!

Regional Differences

Even if Easter is renowned throughout Italy, there are regional differences in the way that people celebrate, connect, and eat. While in Bormio (Northern Italy), you might find flower floats and traditional costumes–in Tredozio (a small village in the Centre of Italy), you might find more games, battles, and symbolic eggs. Likewise, this article will cover a variety of recipes from different places, so read on to find a few great recipes and a little slice of history!

Some Desserts

If you are looking to find the names of Italian Easter desserts, here is the complete list for you.

Colomba Pasquale

 Italian Easter Dessert: Colomba Pasquale

If you are familiar with the traditional Italian Christmas cake Panettone, the Colomba Pasquale is its Easter counterpart. As a traditional dove-shaped cake, it’s often topped with almonds and sugar, which symbolizes peace and renewal. The texture of Colomba Pasquale is light and airy, with a slightly chewy crust. The process of making the cake is lengthy, as the dough requires several hours to rise, sometimes over the course of several days, to develop its characteristic flavors and textures.

Soft and sweet, this is the perfect dessert for an Easter celebration!

Pastiera Napoletana

 Italian Easter Dessert: Pastiera Napoletana

This dessert is widely popular in Southern Italy, and originated from Naples. Pastiera is a ricotta and grain pie that is flavored with orange blossom water and sometimes adorned with candied fruits. As a symbol of Neapolitan culinary tradition, this dessert is not only delicious–but beautiful, too.


 Italian Easter Dessert: Casatiello

As a savory dessert, Casatiello is round and contains the popular Easter symbol–eggs. Originating from Naples, the rich dough filled with salami, cheese, and eggs makes for the perfect savory treat.

La Torta della Nonna

 Italian Easter Dessert: Torta della Nonna

Translated as “Grandmother’s cake,” La Torta della Nonna comes from Tuscany and is comforting just as a time-old recipe might be. A buttery and flaky pastry filled with custard, the powdered sugar finish is sure to have you come back for more.

Uova di Pasqua

 Italian Easter Dessert: Uova di Pasqua

Now, for the one you’ve been expecting– eggs, specifically chocolate ones. As a popular Easter treat, they are not only delicious but also may contain surprises or small toys. Perfect for the little ones!


 Italian Easter Dessert: Pardulas

Originally from Sardinia, these small pastries are made me ricotta, saffron, and citrus zest. They have a crisp shell and a creamy filling–making the perfect combination for a delicious bite-sized dessert.

Once baked, Pardulas have a golden exterior with a creamy, rich interior. They are usually dusted with powdered sugar before serving, adding an extra layer of sweetness. Pardulas embody the essence of Sardinian pastry tradition, showcasing the island's love for simple, flavorful ingredients

Ciambella Pasquale

 Italian Easter Dessert: Ciambella Pasquale

With “ciambella” meaning ring or doughnut, this simple Easter cake is ring-shaped and flavored with lemon or orange zest. Decorated with colorful sprinkles, this one is sure to catch your eye.


 Italian Easter Dessert: Sacarcella

Visually made to look like a figure or a basket, this pastry is adorned with colors and is popular in the Puglia region. Who can resist an adorable bunny pastry filled with almonds or dried fruit?


 Italian Easter Dessert: Cuzzupa

Last but not least, from the Calabria region, Cuzzupa is a bread or cake that is shaped into intricate designs (like a figure eight). Often with eggs (in the dough or as a topping) symbolizing rebirth, this sweet dessert is a crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re looking to find some delicious desserts or discover bits of history, this list gives a general overview of some popular Italian Easter desserts. To find out more or find a recipe, just insert the name and “recipe” into a search engine! Sweet treats await.

Time To Celebrate!

Whether you are a regular celebrator of Easter or just beginning to learn about it, these popular Italian Easter desserts might give you an idea of where to start this year. Food is an incredible way to connect with other people and with other cultures–so get inspired, get knowledgable, and get cooking. We can’t wait to see what you discover and make.



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