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(Re)Discover Latin America

We certainly have a soft spot for Latin America. But who doesn’t? The colors, the art, the history, the music, the languages, the drinks, the food! We like to celebrate different cultures in our kitchens all year long, but we can’t deny Hispanic Heritage Month is one of our favorite times of the year, 'cause it allows us to dive deeper into the culture and discover new recipes, ingredients, and talented people of Latin America.

Whereas last year we explored Mexico and its regional cuisines, this year we're going to explore the traditions of multiple countries, including Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.

We're incredibly proud and grateful for our partnership with Drizly, who shared our same mission of highlighting Latinx owned brands such as Novo Fogo (Brasil), YOLA Mezcal (Mexico), PiscoLogía (Peru).

Enjoy the program we put together for you. All businesses highlighted are run by incredibly passionate entrepreneurs. Vámos!

Discover Latin America

Sept 15 - Oct 15, 2021


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