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Recycling Doesn’t Go on Vacation

Planning the "Calendar of Good Habits" is the first step to save your meals and the environmePlanning the "Calendar of Good Habits" is the first step to save your meals, recycling and the environment
Planning the "Calendar of Good Habits" is the first step to save your meals and the environment.

Summer is here, and while we’re planning our next holidays, we should not forget to plan the "Calendar of Good Habits".

Did you know that a few easy tips will help you and the environment? Probably yes, but sticking a reminder on the fridge, between two souvenir magnets from your past trip, is never a bad idea.

Good eating habits mainly come from our kitchen and our way of shopping. IMPASTIAMO wants to share some tips with you:

Prepare your Shopping List in Advance

Always make the shopping list; this way you will know exactly what you need. If you have the possibility, make a few purchases every day, so the food will not accumulate in the refrigerator and pantry. Always carry a reusable bag with you and choose local producers.

Choose Seasonal

Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fresh foods available only at certain times of the year last longer and don't have to travel long distances to get to supermarkets. It is also important to choose the right degree of ripeness, dividing the vegetables that you want to eat first from those that will be eaten later.

Make a Delicious Jam 101

Don't ignore the bruised fruit, not even the one you have around the house that is turning black. Add sugar instead and put it on the fire to cook, then put it back in the jars. In this way, you will have obtained homemade jam.

Vegetable Stock will be the Answer

If, on the other hand, there are vegetables left over (such as carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, celery, and onion), the simplest thing to do is to put everything in a pot and boil it with a little water. In this way, you will get vegetable broth, which can be frozen and used for many other recipes.

The Doggy Bag

Lastly, if you go to a restaurant, don't be ashamed to ask for the 'doggy bag.' It is food that you have already paid for and that otherwise would be thrown away. Take it home, eat it the next day, or put it in a Tupperware and take it with you to work.



In person and online cooking classes.

Online or in person private classes are available and fully customizable.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a work retreat, or a date night, let us set up a private cooking class for you with any chef around the world. 

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