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10 of Our Favorite Sustainable Instagram Accounts

Up your #GreenGame with our favorite sustainability-focused Instagram accounts

So you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but don’t really know where to start?

Since we’re all on our phones anyways, why not add a little more sustainable-focused content to your Insta feed? From drool-worthy, plant-based creators to zero waste hacks, we’ve got you covered with a list of Instagram accounts that are bound to motivate and inspire you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Kristy Drutman is a Filipina-American activist, eco podcaster, content producer and the creator of Brown Girl Green, a platform that explores the intersectionality of diversity, inclusion and media within the environmental movement. She is also an Assistant Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley at the Haas School of Business.

"I turn climate doom into humor, healing chats, and educational tools for action," she says. "My work operates at the intersections between media, culture, storytelling, and environmental advocacy."

In his videos, Isaias Hernandez breaks down topics on the environment, like “Why can’t we just throw trash into volcanoes?” or “Does spray or stick deodorant last longer?” and so on–and the answers are always a little bit more complicated than you think!

Isaias also talks about current events – like the recent deadly tornados in Kentucky. In addition to discussing current events such as the recent deadly tornado in Kentucky, Isaias discusses environmental issues like migration, income disparity, and race. He discusses his experiences within the climate and sustainability world, and draws attention to the disparities in outdoor culture and environmental NGOs for POC and LGBTQ+ people. In his swipe-through posts, he breaks down complex issues like why young people are anxious about climate change, how property values are affected by climate change, why honey isn't vegan, and how to survive climate doomsday.

Kathryn’s eco-friendly & frugal living Instagram is full of environmental news, sustainable cooking tips, lifestyle hacks and gorgeous pics. Not only will you be inspired to live more sustainability just by looking at her page, but you will also be better informed on issues like food waste, plastic waste, and more.

Check her out here

Waste less, buy less, live more. This page features tons of hacks, tips, and tricks for greener, healthier living.

Check the page here

Dominque Drakeford is a Brooklyn-based environmental educator with a BS in Business Environmental Management and an MFA from NYU in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Fashion. Besides that, she's the founder and creative director of online publication MelaninASS (Melanin & Sustainable Style) and co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn (an organisation that champions the voices of disenfranchised communities in sustainability).MelaninASS(Melanin & Sustainable Style) and co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn, an organization that “champions the voices of disenfranchised communities in the sustainability movement."

Jack Harries is a young climate activist and co-founder of @earthrise (another Instagram account to follow), which publishes important stories on the climate crisis. Harries has had a monumental year: from interviewing Sir David Attenborough, Barack Obama, to launching Seat At The Table with YouTube, he’s an inspirational follow.

Follow along here @jackharries

Georgette's account is full of plant-based meal ideas. She also shares her cool and inexpensive finds from thrift stores and other secondhand purchases. She aims for low-waste living and highlights products made with eco-friendly practices.

Climate justice activist Mikaela Loach focuses on sustainability with inclusivity. Based in Edinburgh, she is also the co-host and co-producer of the YIKES podcast which explore climate change, human rights and social justice.

This page is perfect for if you’re just beginning a sustainable lifestyle. It’s filled with recipes (the almond ricotta toast is a game-changer), helpful tips, and pantry inspo to help you get started. They’ve even got some green beauty hacks, like how to make your own ethical eye serum. Yep, you’ll probably spend hours on this account and no, we’re not sorry about it.

Self-branded as a ‘climate club’, Future Earth founders Stephanie Shepherd Suganami and Mahtab Max Moinian have created a social space for need-to-know climate facts, motivational quotes and their encouraging ‘Good News Tuesday’. Follow if you're interested in little daily reminders as to why the fight for climate justice is so important.


Is there a #sustainable Instagram account that we missed? Comment their @ below and we'll add their links here!



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