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Screencast Stovetop: The Rise of Video Cooking Classes

zoom cooking class

Beyond work meetings, the ability to do things for pleasure and practice exercising your hobbies has expanded from in-person events to online experiences. Read on to find out more about video cooking classes!


Too far away from a cooking class you really want to attend? Have family at home to stay with? Transportation is an issue? No worries! Video cooking classes make these problems negligible, as you can now access the same professional guidance and delicious meals as you would if you were to go to an in-person cooking class event. The accessibility of these events allows you to expand your opportunities and palate–two birds with one stone!

The Rise of Online Cooking Classes

With the pandemic, it is no surprise that online platforms, such as Zoom, have become widely popular. This has extended the capability of other events, such as cooking classes, to be held online and be available for people who don't directly live in that area. Video cooking classes have expanded opportunities for not only companies and businesses, but also people who are eager to try a new recipe without making the physical journey there. Don't be fooled, though--there is a fulfilling and satisfactory journey nonetheless!

A young woman enjoying a virtual cooking class from home

Connect with People from Afar

Have relatives or friends who live far away? Want to experience the joys of cooking together, and connect with loved ones in a meaningful way? Quality time through video cooking classes is the perfect way to do this. Regardless of the distance that may separate you, there is an opportunity to do something that will bring you closer together.

On the flip side, if you’d like to meet new people from all over, video cooking classes also offers the perfect recipe for a spark. The diversity that this kind of environment can offer allows you to explore new perspectives, learn about different cultures, and bond over your love for food.

Chef It Up!

One of the greatest opportunities that video cooking classes offer is the opportunity to meet and be taught by chefs from all over the world. This ensures the authenticity of the experience and also allows you to have the ability to be truly immersed in different cultures with different people from all over the world.

While it may seem difficult to find authentic cooking experiences, video cooking classes open up a whole new world that is easily accessible to you. Your capacity to learn more is truly unlimited!

Ingredients kit for your online cooking class

Everything is Taken Care of!

To really hone in on one of the key benefits of video cooking classes, it’s only right to acknowledge the amount of time you will save: from not having to get to and from the venue, to ingredients that are already ready for you to use (at IMPASTIAMO), you no longer have to worry about making ample time for cooking class. A perfect way to fit it into your busy schedule!

You won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to video cooking classes. Once you register for the event, you can have the ingredients delivered to your home and prepped for you to work your magic! In addition, the quality of video and sound is guaranteed to be great, as these chefs have prepared long and hard in order to make sure that the cooking class runs smoothly.

You deserve a break–take it easy, and have a nice dinner before continuing with the rest of your night!

So What's Next?

Video cooking classes offer a fresh and unique take on the classic cooking classes that you may imagine–and have benefits that in-person events cannot offer. With accessibility, efficiency, connection, and materials ready to serve, video cooking classes have the perfect ingredients to make your day. Sign up now–it’s that easy!


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