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Our Favorite Soup Puns That Are Actually Soup-er Funny

If you're looking for the best soup puns, you’re in the right place!

Souper fun soup puns for all the soup lovers in your life 🫕🫕🫕

Here at IMPASTIAMO, we love to laugh and have a good time *almost* as much as we love making really good food. Since laughter is food for the soul, we thought we'd get creative about how we make our people laugh, and soup puns seemed like a great way to blend our love of soup with our love of food.

They might be a little bit corny, but they're definitely worth a look. 👀

Laughter–like a good bowl of soup–is good for the soul! Keep reading for some of our favorite soup puns:

The Best Soup Puns

  • Sorry, we’re out of stock.

  • Are you pho real?

  • He souped in and saved the day.

  • When I asked my mum what she cooked for dinner, she replied saying “It is a soup-rise.”

  • My dad believes it is good to have soup before my meal. He is very soup-erstitious.

  • The Japanese restaurant serves the best soups. It makes miso happy!

  • When my sister asked me if there was enough dinner cooked, I told her “I cooked enough soup for the broth of us."

  • The supermarket did not have soups. They said they're out of stock.

  • I ordered two thousand pounds of Chinese soup. Technically, it was a won-ton soup.

  • Which hand should you use to stir the soup? Neither, you should use a spoon.

  • I spelt “I take back what I said” in a bowl of alphabet soup so I could eat my own words

  • Everyone says that the soup I cook has healing properties. I consider it to be my soup-er power.

  • I had vegan soup–it was soup herb.

  • You are the one pho me!

  • You’ve heard of alphabet soup now get ready for....Times new ramen!

  • I bought a warehouse full of soup stock. Now I'm a bouillonaire

  • Where can you buy soup in bulk? The stock market.

  • What do the police do if you steal soup? They arrestew.

  • What's a soup spoon's favorite sport? Bowling.

  • Do you know what firemen often add to their soup? Firecrackers.

  • The soup was preoccupied. He was stewing over something his friend said.

Soup Puns for a Souper Day

What did you think of our favorite soup puns? Hopefully you laughed at a few. ;)

If you have a soup pun that you'd like to share, comment down below, or share it with us on @Instagram or @TikTok!



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