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The original Roman Style Pizza tray, made in blue iron metal, is the perfect tool for making your own "Pizza al Taglio".


Roman pizza al taglio is taking the US pizza scene by storm, and for good reason too!


Blue iron is the most resistant material to high temperatures. Compared to aluminum, steel and terracotta, blue ironis undoubtedly the most resistant material to high temperatures: it reaches the desired temperature in a very short time, facilitating the growth of uniform and homogeneous mixture. 


Although Roman tool used mostly at a professional level (for ovens that reach well beyond the threshold of 400 ° F), having a blue iron pan will become the ace-in-the-hole for churning out well-celled, dry and crispy pizzas.


  • No seasoning required - ready to use
  • Permanent stick-resistant coating is metal utensil safe
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy to clean + maintain


Looking for more information on pizza al taglio? Read this blog post: Like Pizza? You’ll Love This Roman Style Pizza Al Taglio Pan

Roman Style Pizza Al Taglio Pan - Blue Iron

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  • Maintenance: the trough should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If washed with water (it is highly recommended to not use chemical cleaners to avoid surface residue), leave it to dry in open air.

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