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3 Recipes for the Perfect Date Night

These romantic dinner date ideas are sure to impress, and these easy meals for two can (and should!) be made together. Tiramisu, dumplings, and customizable pizzas all included. These fun date night ideas will make staying in the new going out.

1. Whip Up Something Delicious Together

If you’re frantically searching for date night ideas near me, your search ends here. Seriously. What better way to spend time with your special someone (and fill your belly with delicious food) than by making something delicious together?

Here are some of our favorite (easy!) date night recipes for two:

Make a Classic Tiramisù

Tiramisù is for everyone, but especially for lovers! Ditch the expensive restaurant next date night and treat your special someone to a fun experience and a delicious dessert at the same time.

In this online cooking class, Chef Francesco will skillfully walk you through making one of the most beloved desserts of all times. Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade batch of tiramisù!

If you’re looking to make something on the heartier side, this Chicken and Mushroom Clay Pot Rice is sure to please. Want to make it even more special? Mix up a margarita beforehand and have a batch of tiramisu for after! A date night menu that's perfect for two.

Take a Pizza Making Class

In this virtual cooking class, master chef Peppe Miele will teach you and your date how to make authentic Neapolitan Pizza, in every shape and form; calzone, panzerotto, traditional, gluten free and more!

We have both in-person and online classes available, so if you and your date are hoping for a fun night in, this is the perfect option for a cozy date night. Pop open a bottle of your favorite wine or serve up a few refreshing Paloma de la Tardes.

Give the Gift of Dumplings

This easy-to-follow virtual class will steal your heart for good. You and your date will learn how to make, fill, and wrap your own homemade dumplings in this virtual dumpling making class. For more information or to book your date night experience, click here.

2. Book an In-Home Chef for You and Your Date

If you’re looking for a unique date night idea, but you’re not too keen on the idea of cooking yourself, how about booking a world-renowned chef to come to you? Instead of spending most of your special evening in the kitchen, bring a 5-star meal straight to your table and surprise your date with a fancy night in, where neither of you have to cook. (win/win!) Hire one of our expert chefs for your next dinner party, birthday, anniversary, brunch, luncheon, cocktail party, Valentine's Day date, or any other special event.

Starting at only $350 (for two people), our in-home chef experience will woo you and your partner with a meal fit for royalty. Book a call to schedule your date night in-home chef experience today!

3. Go Straight for the Dessert

Who says you can’t stick to the sweets on date night?

If you want to impress your date, you can always opt for the perfect chocolate cake, a gooey Banana Bread French Toast, or next-level chocolate chip cookies to kick off your evening with your sweetie.

Whether you’re going out or staying in, these date night recipes will come in handy when it’s time to treat your special someone, so don’t forget to save this post! ❤️

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