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How to Host an Italian Themed Party

The devil is in the details... 🤌

There are many essentials of a true, Italian themed party–but if you’re looking for an easy way to dip your toes in, here’s a great place to get started!

Italian Themed Party Decorations and Place Settings

In Italy, the table is at the heart of their world-famous food culture. Even for an informal weeknight dinner or party, many Italian families take the time to lay out a tablecloth and select the proper glassware. This Italian habit underlies the importance of making time and space for food and family. If you want to party like an Italian, taking some time to properly set the mood should be your first priority.

"No paper, no plastic, no throwaway item will ever grace my table," Brunello Cucinelli, Italian fashion designer and foodie extraordinaire, tells the New YorkTimes.

In general, rustic designs, bright colors and homemade-feeling decorations are great for Italian themed parties, specifically vintage or hand-me-down items. You want to strike a balance between effortless style and comfortable homeliness when you're decorating for an Italian themed party.

📌 Check out our Italian Themed Party | Decorations & Table Settings board here for some inspo before you start decorating.

Italian Themed Appetizers (aka Antipasti)

If there’s one thing Italians know well, it’s that no social gathering of family & friends is complete without plenty to eat and drink. If you’re having people over for an Italian themed party, you’ll want to have plenty of delicious food to keep everyone happy and full.

In English, we call them appetizers. In Italian, they're known as "antipasti", which are a colorful and delicious way to set the stage for the coming feast. In Italian tradition, antipasti are selected for color, flavor, texture and how well they complement both each other and the meal to come. With their gorgeous presentation and entertaining ease, antipasti have become an art all their own.

Antipasti are great for an Italian themed party because they’re easy to prepare, simple to serve and very fun to eat. Here are a few of our favorite Italian appetizers:

📌 Head to our Italian Themed Party | Food board on Pinterest for some more ideas on what to make for your next party.

Italian Themed Drinks

It’s hard for us to decide which to love more: Italian food or Italian cocktails!

Many Italian drinks are best served alfresco with a sparkling view of the water–but if you’re planning on sticking closer to home this summer, here are some of our favorite Italian-inspired party drinks to serve at your next Italian style gathering:

Prosecco is always a good staple to have on hand when you're planning an Italian themed party. It's delish on it's own, but also makes the perfect base for an apertif; add some pomegranate juice to make a Tintoretto or peach purée for a Bellini. Alternatively, an Aperol Spritz is always a crowd pleaser. Just add a splash of Aperol, club soda and an orange slice and you’ll be transported to a Bacaro in Venice.

Flipping through a wine list is always an exciting part of a meal but since you won’t have a sommelier on hand to help you out, you need to create your own pairings… with Italian wine of course. Don’t panic – picking out wine for your Italian themed party is actually so much fun.

And be sure to have plenty of caffe (espresso!) on hand to stop yourself and all your guests from sinking into a food coma after your party.

Italian Themed Music

What's an Italian themed party without the tunes?? For the best time, you'll need plenty of good food, great company and the perfect playlist!

Whether you’re cooking or eating, listening to Italian music is sure to get you set up for the perfect party. To save you from the hassle of creating a new playlist for your next gathering, we put together this Italy for an Evening playlist on Spotify!

Tune in, turn it up, and let the music transport you to Italy for the night.

This is an Italian themed party after all, so make sure that you relax and enjoy yourself–and get your guests to do the cleaning up! Buon appetito

📌 Don't forget to check out our Italian Themed Party board on Pinterest for all the inspo you'll need! 📌

Do you have any fun hosting tips, or ideas about what to serve at an Italian themed party? Share them with us on Instagram at @impastiamoclasses or comment below! 👇

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