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Made by expert artisans and suitable for traditionally manually kneading of the flour in order to prepare small batches of dough (around four to five pounds). The pine wood has not undergone to any harmful treatment and it is suitable to be used in contact with food; it is also free of odors that can alterate the taste on the prepared dough.


To learn more, check out Everything You Should Know About the Madia Box (aka Pizza Dough Box)





The madia is ready to use as is. The madia does not come with a lid. You can purchase a lid as an additional feature, but not necessary to make a successful dough. The lid does NOT hermetically seal the madia. If you purchase the lid, we still recommend you cover the madia (with dough inside) with plastic wrap or cover your dough with a dump cloth. Then, you can place the lid on top.


The madia is made of pine wood and cannot be washed under running water. To clean it, use a dump cloth or sponge.


Once used, we cannot replace your madia or take it back and we do not take responsibility for the way it’s been treated or washed.

Hand Made Wooden "Madia" Pizza Dough Box by VPN

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  • Do NOT wash your madia (or lid) under running water or wash it in the dishwasher. The Madia should be gently scraped with a spatula and cleaned with a damp cloth. If your Madia is accidentally soaked, immediately wipe it down and leave it out to dry.

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