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Everything You Should Know About the Madia (aka Pizza Dough Box)

The Madia pizza dough box is a total game-changer for homemade pizza enthusiasts.

ICYMI, Chefs Table is back, with a twist...a PIZZA twist (*swoon*). Needless to say, we're pretty avid fans of a good pizza dough. So when we watched Chef Franco Pepe open his episode (Chef's Table: Pizza, EP 4) with his very own dough proofing box, we almost fainted. 🍕

"Chef's Table: Pizza" on Netflix

If you've ever made your own pizza from scratch, you'll know that there are many factors that contribute to it's success: a good recipe, high-quality flour, plenty of time + patience, and the perfect conditions (temperature, humidity, etc…).

You’re probably also already aware that the best way to ensure your pizza dough rises consistently and efficiently is by using a madia dough box (just like the pros)

Keep reading for everything you need to know about madia pizza dough boxes and how to proof the *perfect* pizza dough!

Dough Proofing? What’s That??

When it comes to bread making, “proofing” refers to the final rise that a ball of dough undergoes, which happens after being shaped into a loaf but before it’s baked.

Fermentation and proofing are sometimes used interchangeably. The purpose of a dough proofer (aka proofing box, dough box, proofing oven or proofing cabinet) is to promote yeast fermentation by providing warm temperatures and controlled humidity.

When the temperature is nice and warm, the yeast becomes more active, producing more carbon dioxide and resulting in a higher, faster rise. For most breads and other baked goods, the dough rises until almost doubled in size in the final proof and becomes light, fluffy, and jiggly.

If you are a baker or if you make pizza dough, a madia dough box is an absolute necessity. It makes for the perfect proofing method for dough, ensuring a deliciously chewy dough.

What is a Madia Dough Box?

The madia ("maidda" in the Calabrian dialect) is a container made from a single block of wood, rectangular in shape, with raised edges, in which bread was kneaded in the Calabrian country houses.

In the past making bread was a ritual that was repeated every 15 days; the head of the family went to the mill to buy the sack of flour that had to be freshly ground, while the youngest daughter had the task of taking the "crescente" (mother yeast) from the neighbor who had last made the bread.

The mother yeast container was shared by all the families in the neighborhood, and over the years it went from house to house to keep its precious and delicate contents alive.

Bread has always been one of the main foods on the tables of the Calabrian people and was used in many ways, as a symbol of a society with few, simple and genuine things.

During the preparation of the loaves the kitchen became a battlefield. Once the process was finished, if everything had been well done, the madia dough box remained completely free of residue. The last step of the procedure involved baking the bread in the wood-fired oven.

When it was not used to make dough, the madia dough box served as a container for bread and other foods.

“Madia” means sideboard, and no one is really sure if it got its name because of its look, or because some Italians literally used their dough boxes as sideboards. The world may never know.

A Madia dough box is also way better for the environment (as opposed to using plastic wrap or plastic bags) since you can use them over and over. (Cheers to #sustainability!)

How to Take Care of Your Madia

To keep your madia dough box clean and in working order for years to come, you’ll want to maintain it properly.

When you're finished using it, simply brush it down with some warm water, or wipe it out with a clean cloth– but do not use detergent or cleaners. You don’t want to remove all of the delicious oils that will begin to collect over time.

Madia dough boxes will age like a fine wine if properly taken care of. However, if you don’t clean it out well, mold will begin to grow. After it’s cleaned, make sure to leave your dough box out in open air to dry.

IMPASTIAMO Madia Dough Box

Our traditional wooden madia dough boxes are carefully crafted by expert artisans, and are perfect for traditionally kneading the flour in order to prepare small batches of dough (around four to five pounds). This is a sturdy, air-tight, and easy-to-use dough box that keeps the dough fresh and prevents crusting!

The madia wood has not undergone any harmful treatment, and it is designed specifically to be used for food–which means that it’s also free of odors and chemicals that can alter the taste of your dough.

A traditional madia will make the perfect addition to any kitchen, whether you're a seasoned chef or a newly-interested baker.


In conclusion, the Madia pizza dough box is a must-have for anyone who loves homemade pizza. It's easy to use, versatile, and produces delicious results every time. It's a great addition to any home kitchen, and it's perfect for pizza lovers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Madia pizza dough box will make your pizza-making experience more enjoyable and delicious!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our handmade Madia boxes by VPN, feel free to contact us!


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