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Table for Two; Date Night Cooking Classes

Calling all Love Bugs...

Cook up a fun-filled date night (and some simply delicious memories) with IMPASTIAMO's date night cooking classes–online and in-person! Dinner dates take on a whole new meaning with Date Night cooking classes at IMPASTIAMO. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a hands-on date experience while learning a thing or two about your date. Plus, working together is sure to bring you closer to that special someone.

Here are some things to know about date night cooking classes, whether you're coming in with your S.O. or are firing up the laptop for a cozy night of cooking at home.

The Class Instructors and Chefs are Super Patient

Whether you're joining an online cooking class or you're attending a virtual one, you'll have plenty of time to sneak a smooch or two. At IMPASTIAMO, our chefs and instructors *really* know what they’re doing, both from a culinary and teaching standpoint. In other words, our instructors are friendly and patient, which is really nice when you're on a date trying to make pasta from scratch.

Our Cooking Classes are Fun and Laid-Back

Acquiring a new talent in a lively but laidback atmosphere is a wonderful way to bring back the romance and help you rediscover what you love most about each other. There are plenty of tantalizing culinary classes for you to choose from, so whether you and your special someone have a penchant for sushi, pizza, Indian food, or vegan delights, you are guaranteed to find a cooking class to suit your date night needs.

We Can Come to You

IMPASTIAMO has no problem setting up private classes for two or four people for romantic date night cooking class at home. Our chefs are flexible in what they prepare, so special requests are welcome. Contact us today to discuss what you and your date would like to make, and what kind of chef you would like to have as your teacher.

Impress Your S.O.

Nothing says "I like you" than making food with someone. Food is the fastest way to the heart, after all. If you're struggling to find the next great date idea, fret no more. IMPASTIAMO is the ultimate wing-man. Schedule an online class with your special someone or book an in-person event to impress your S.O. next date night. You can thank us later...

How to Find a Date Night Cooking Class Near Me

Browse our date night cooking class options here to find out which ones are available near you and online.

You’ll have a variety of themed cuisine options from which to choose, like Italian, Indian, Mexican and American. Each date night cooking class will teach you how to prepare a specific dish, inform you about different cultures, and leave you with a delicious treat that you are your date can devour afterwards.

Next time you're planning a date night, make sure to include IMPASTIAMO if you want to win the romance game. 💋


In person and online cooking classes.

Online or in person private classes are available and fully customizable.

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a work retreat, or a date night, let us set up a private cooking class for you with any chef around the world. 

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