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Thanksgiving Brunch Ideas

Challenge yourself with new recipes this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner, but you can’t wait around all day for the turkey! Kick Thanksgiving day off in style with a fast, light, delicious Thanksgiving brunch to tide you over until the big feast.

Whether you’re brunching while watching the Macy’s parade, or you’re or recovering from your late night Black Friday shopping haul, these easy Thanksgiving brunch ideas will be the cranberry on top of your fabulous holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Photo Credit: Cameron Venti

We all know, the pandemic has forced us to readapt and adopt new habits. Many of us have discovered new hobbies (and of course, one of them is cooking!). So it's normal if, for the first time, this year you’d like to challenge your Thanksgiving menu, and perhaps start new traditions.

That’s how we thought: how about hosting a Thanksgiving brunch, instead of dinner? Start the food celebration early, with pumpkin bread, or your most traditional blueberry muffins, chicken meatballs and green goddess yogurt dressing. We’ve put together a list of the easiest but yet delicious recipes, all under 60 minutes preparation. Here are two fundamental tips if you’re thinking about organizing a Thanksgiving brunch: focus on sides and dressings, and source local and seasonal ingredients, because your raw ingredients will taste better.


First of all: Give thanks with a Lambrusco Spritz

Lambrusco Spritz

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Your Thanksgiving brunch won’t be complete without a little toast to the season–why not do it in seasonal style?

Mulled wine is the king beverage for fall and winter season, but what about taking the best from it - the wine - and sip instead during your Thanksgiving Brunch a refreshing Lambrusco Spritz? Add red wine to your drink, you won’t regret it!

“The Main”: Chicken (or Turkey) Meatballs - by Kai Chun


Photo Credit: Maulik Shah

These Miso Chicken Meatballs are going to be everyone’s favorites, especially your kids’. Milk in this recipe will make them moist and tender.

Mashed Potatoes.. with Garlic (of course!) - by Andy Barghani

Mashed Potatoes

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Replace heavy whipping cream with labneh (a really soft cheese) and give your mashed potatoes a middle eastern twist.

Black Beans and Mushrooms with a Mexican Twist - by Jonathan Mendelez

Mushroom Quesadilla

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This recipe combines the “best of both worlds'' by using mushrooms and black beans to create an untraditional quesadilla. This tortilla-burrito-style, will be the perfect bite to start your brunch with.

Green Goddess Dressing (thick and creamy) - by Jessica Battilana

Green Goddess

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jessica Battilana is a freelance food writer and recipe developer based in Maine, and thanks to her cookbook you now have the perfect solution for your grilled meat (try it with chicken) or fish, or an easy-to-make sauce to dip your veggies. The full fat greek Yogurt gives richness to the sauce, while the herbs add a fresh touch.

Blueberries Muffin from the ‘80s - by Nancy Harmon Jerkins

Blueberry Muffin

Photo Credit: Fallon Michael

This recipe is neither fancy or complicated, it is the essence of simplicity and home flavors. This recipe calls for blueberries, but feel free to substitute almost any ripe and sweet berry, or replace with chocolate chips.

Pumpkin Bread - by Samantha Senevirtane

Pumpkin bread

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This is the longest recipe (in terms of time) that we’ve chosen for our Thanksgiving brunch ideas. But don't be scared. It is just one hour long. Feel free to add nuts (we like pine nuts!) and replace cinnamon with spices of your choice. A perfect alternative to your traditional pancakes.

Thanksgiving Brunch; Anything But Basic

Mornings with extra guests (especially around the holidays) can be pretty stressful, but a brunch plan will make them so much easier! A few make-ahead items, like muffins and breads, will keep you and your guests satisfied until it's time for the turkey. And.. who doesn’t love an excuse to brunch?

Do you have a Thanksgiving Brunch tradition in your house? What are your go-to recipes?

1 comment

1 Comment

Nov 24, 2021

My mom usually makes an egg casserole that we munch on all morning while we're getting ready for dinner! Love a good Thanksgiving brunch!


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