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Dalgona Candies: The Easy Recipe!

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Dalgona treats went absolutely viral on social media thanks to Netflix's Squid Game, but do you know the origins of these now-famous candies? Here's the history of this intriguing treat:

If you spend any time on Instagram, you probably already know about these treats. They became viral after Netflix's new series, Squid Game, was released on September 17th. But, don't expect a complicated recipe for Dalgona candies; they are in fact extremely easy to make!

They are made with two ingredients: sugar and baking soda. Yes, that's it! As shown in the series, the caramelized sugar discs can have many different shapes: a star, a circle, a square and an umbrella. But, if you have cookie cutters or biscuits molds at home, you can use whatever you'd like!

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In South Korea (the origin Country of Netflix Series), the candies are named Dalgona (달고나) or ppopgi (뽑기), the second one is now less common, and they spread after the Second World War. These were a popular street snack back in the 70s and 80s, and they are still enjoyed today as a "retro" treat. It was very well known among children, a popular dessert typical of childhood, just like many of us that used to eat cotton candy. Dalgona candies have different name across the world: in the US do exist a similar version, but is covered with chocolate and it is called "Fairy food candy" or "Angel food candy", while in Great Britain they have an irregular shape and they're simply known as "Cinder toffee" or "Honeycomb."

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Dalgona candies are not the only trend that comes from South Korea, last summer Dalgona Coffee went viral too. It is also known as "Whipped Coffee", is made with equal parts of instant coffee, powdered sugar and hot water, whipped until it becomes creamy. It became really popular during Covid pandemic, when users spread the hashtag #dalgonacoffechallenge. Despite the name, the coffee does not contain Dalgona. However, they are named this because the taste is sweet, and reminiscent of the popular candies.

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Want to make your own Dalgona Candies? Here's an easy recipe!


Makes 1 candy

  • 1 Tablespoon of sugar

  • 1 pinch of baking soda

  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or butter (optional)


  • 1 ladle (or a large spoon)

  • 1 chopstick

  • 1 spatula (or a spoon) for scraping

  • 1 metal press (or a flat plate)

  • cookie cutter molds


  1. Into a ladle add 1 Tablespoon of sugar, place the ladle on top of the stove at medium-low heat and melt the sugar for a couple of minutes, until it becomes liquid. Stir constantly with the chopstick.

  2. Once the sugar has completely melted and the color has caramelized, add the pinch of baking soda. Take the ladle off the heat and stir again with the chopstick.

  3. Transfer the liquid on a greased and flat surface, help yourself with a spatula or a spoon to remove the "caramel" from the ladle.

  4. Press the melted sugar with a metal press or a flat plate, to make candy look like a disk. Now press in the centre of the disk your favorite cutter mold, and add the shape you prefer.

  5. Enjoy your Dalgona Candy!

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Oct 27, 2021

These were so fun! Love this recipe <3


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