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Milan’s best street food

From Piazza Duomo to Chinatown, where to find and enjoy the best street-food in Milan

Despite not having a long-established street food tradition, Milan has recently become a home for tons of new street food businesses offering cheap quick bites all over town. People moving to the city - from all over Italy, but also Asia, Africa and more - are proudly bringing their families' food traditions and often starting up new food ventures.

Below is a list of new and historic street food businesses in Milan, reccomended by our staff writer Agnese Giardini, born and raised near the business capital. Please note, she says: "there are two places where you can fully experience what you’re eating: seated on the Duomo’s stairs, or on a bench facing Castello Visconteo.

It is impossible not to recognize it, there is always a long line of people in front of the store, but don't worry, it goes fast. Luini has been baking and frying panzerotti since 1888. The ingredients are the same as those used to cook pizza: the dough is folded and contains tomato & mozzarella (but you can find a lot of different flavors), the panzerotto can be baked in the oven (lighter) or deep fried (a bit greasy but delicious).

Area: Piazza Duomo

In 2015 on TripAdvisor Al Politico was on the top of the list, it was the first “restaurant” for a number of reviews and gradimento. In reality, the place is a food truck in front of Visconti Castle. It only serves sandwiches and cold drinks, but has something special: every sandwich is called an Italian politician's name. Names and flavors change according to the political panorama, so if you like a particular sandwich don’t get too attached to it, it could disappear at any moment.

Area: Castello Sforzesco

Even Milan has its own Chinatown. Paolo Sarpi street is a place where you can enjoy and immerse yourself in the oriental culture. In the middle of the street there is a place owned by Chef Agie, that since 2015 serves delicious dumplings: with pork, beef and vegetables. Agie’s story is an example of integration and cultural contamination, and he serves Chinese food sourcing local products based around Milan.

Area: Chinatown

If you love chicken you are in the right place, Pollo Giannasi is another piece of history in Milan, it serves the street food ante litteram. You can find roast chicken, spit-roasted chicken and many other variants. If you have the opportunity, the advice is to try a classic Italian Sunday lunch: buy a roast chicken and potato croquettes, to share with friends and family.

Area: Porta Romana

If it is true that all the streets take to Rome, as the saying goes, it is also true that you can find a piece of the capital in every Italian city. Ape Cesare collects all the culinary traditions from Rome, here you can find supplì, a deep fried croquette made with rice, tomato and mozzarella, and the well known porchetta sandwich.

Area: Città Studi

L'antica Pizza Fritta - Zia Esterina Sorbillo

It’s hard but not impossible to find a real corner on Neapolitan traditions in Milan. After all, at the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and after some intriguing window shopping, we all deserve a real Neapolitan Pizza Fritta. This dish comes from the real street tradition, Pizza fritta is a variation of classic pizza, and is something that you don’t find in restaurants.The dish is really rich (air-fring is not allowed) because it was supposed to feed poor and common people. Gino Sorbillo, Italian most known pizzaiolo, brought its tradition from Naples to the heart of Milan: L’Antica Pizza Fritta only serves three variations of the dish: The classic one, with meatballs and with basil pesto sauce. It’a must try, and it’s also super cheap!

Area: Piazza Duomo


Dreaming about Tiramisù? Mascherpa (which means Mascarpone cheese in Milan) is the right place if you want to satisfy your sweetest pleasures and desires, you can eat Tiramisù in a glass while walking around the city. The best part is that you can choose among different flavors: with Nutella, matcha, mango and our favorite: with crunchy pistachios.

Area: Darsena



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