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Chicken or Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Photo Credit: Claudio Schwartz

Turkey or Chicken, Chicken or Turkey, that is the question

Is your inner voice telling you to not buy turkey this year but rather instead serve a crispy chicken at your Thanksgiving dinner? Traditions are important, but they’re not set in stone.

On one hand chicken is smaller, less expensive, and you can readapt your recipe at any time of the year. On the other hand, recipes with turkey are a good occasion to take your cooking skills to the next level. Although this year we’re playing for Team Chicken, in this article you can still find some interesting tips on how to use your turkey leftovers.

We spent some time researching some old, but good, recipes grabbed from some major cooking magazines published in the 60s and 70s. Enjoy!

Chicken, few things to know before we start

Source your chicken locally and be sure it is organic. According to a report, the safest birds (those with less probability to carry bacterias such as salmonella) are those “air-chilled”. In the air-chilled process the carcasses are refrigerated rather than dunked in cold chlorinated water.

How to clean and prepare the chicken in the safest way? Choose chickens that are well wrapped, and buy them as your last item before approaching the checkout line. Store your chicken at 40 degrees or below, or freeze it (for two days) if you’re planning to not cook it immediately. Lastly, cook your chicken to at least 350F.

Now that we’re set, let’s start with the recipes!

Sunday Chicken

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This recipe is quite old, it first appeared in the New York Times in 1969, and it was called: “Chicken Recipe for the weekend”, so we might imagine that it tastes just like home. The Chicken is cooked in the oven with roasted almonds and a sauce made with oranges and lemons, giving the dish a sweet and sour taste.

Chicken with Rosemary

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This is like the perfect couple, rosemary on chicken is the absolute combination for your Thanksgiving dinner. And you know the best part? It takes less than one hour and includes sweet paprika and mushrooms.

Get creative with Turkey leftovers

Photo Credit: Raman Sqc

This recipe is for curry lovers, and for those who want to avoid food waste by creating something new with turkey leftovers.



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